The Super Maltini

Super Maltini

The martini is my cocktail. I always order it with a twist, and not too dry, because martinis in London come dry as a bone as standard. Shake it with ice and I will jump over the bar and have words (or perhaps ask you to make it again, properly, without diluting it like a numbskull). I also don’t like people faffing about adding extra flavours and what not. I can barely even handle them dirty, to be honest. And making it with vodka? Get out.

It was a great surprise then that this drink hit the spot for me, because it breaks all of my rules. All of them. It’s based on an espresso martini, which was apparently invented by bartender Dick Bradsel, after a particularly eloquent woman allegedly walked up to him at the bar and asked for a cocktail that would both wake her up and fuck her up.

The cocktail recipe that follows (invented by my boyfriend) uses the espresso martini as a starting point, but it has a South London twist in the form of Super Malt. Not only will this drink wake you up with a dose of caffeine, it will dose you up with B vitamins. The booze will of course enliven the spirits. Garnish with dance hall.

The Super Maltini

(serves 1)

25ml Ketel One Vodka
25ml Supermalt
10ml Crème de Cacao Blanc (Sheridan’s)
10ml Crème de Cacao Noir (Sheridan’s)
Single espresso

Shake with LOTS of ice, pour into a low tumbler or whichever glass you prefer.