Pit is the award-winning food magazine that I make with my mates Holly and Rob. We started out as ‘just’ a barbecue magazine, but our remit widened dramatically as the magazine evolved, and we now cover whatever food stories take our fancy. Each issue is themed, and we have covered topics including MSG, sausages and kebabs. Head over to Pit’s website to learn more. 

Some horn-tooting:

BSME Awards 2020: Winner – Helen Graves, Food and Drink Editor of the Year

‘Truly a collector’s piece’ – Nigella Lawson on Issue 09: MSG

‘I love this magazine’ – Tom Parker-Bowles

‘It’s excellent! Recommended’ – Marina O’Loughlin, The Sunday Times

‘ I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive an issue of a magazine. It’s 98 pages of hot sausage action. Bravo @PitmagazineUK’ – Jay Rayner