Pisco Sour Sorbet

A recipe Pisco Sour Sorbet, made in a Vitamix blender

This is the last of four recipes I created in partnership with Vitamix and Great British Chefs

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this but it seems like summer is running away from us so I’m going to do it as the rain batters the windows and thunder sends the cats running under furniture, wide-eyed and bristling.

The noise of the Vitamix will also do that because damn, that thing is powerful. Yes, this is the last of my four recipes designed to show off its versatility; previously we busted through coffee beans and chipotle chillies; pecan nuts and pasta dough. Here I’ve shown how it’s possible to make a sorbet or — to be honest — more of a boozy slush.

I did try adding eggs whites to make it smoother but that’s not possible with this method so yeah, it’s a frozen cocktail. Nowt wrong with that I hear you say, and you’re quite right. It’s pretty sour, this ‘sorbet’ because I was restricted on the amount of sugar I could use in the recipe. In all honesty, I’d add another 25g to make the most of that sweet-sour balance but if you like things sour by all means leave it.

Add a dash of Angostura Bitters at the end and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just made a bowl of lovely alcoholic ice in a matter of minutes. Mr Frosty eat your cold plastic heart out.

Pisco Sour Sorbet Recipe (made in a Vitamix)

4 limes
100g caster sugar (I recommend adding the extra 25g, so 125g in total)
50ml Pisco
600g ice cubes
Angostura bitters, to serve

This recipe uses a Vitamix Pro750, fitted with the 2.0l low profile container.

To begin, grate the zest from one of the limes and place the zest in the Vitamix container. Use a sharp knife to skin the limes, removing as much pith as possible.

Add the flesh of the limes to the Vitamix container, followed by the sugar, Pisco and ice cubes (in that order).

Start the Vitamix on Variable 1 then slowly increase to Variable 8, using the tamper to push the ice cubes down into the motor. Once the tone of the motor changes (noticeably) stop the Vitamix.

Transfer to a container with a lid and place in the freezer for 1 hour for a firmer finish.

Scoop into glasses and add dashes of bitters to serve.