Pit Has a Shiny New Website!

Hey you guuyyyys. I have absolutely *loads* of stuff to post here but first I want to shout a little bit about Pit’s shiny new website. We’ve basically rejigged things so that you can have a better experience browsing it and of course, buying all those magazines you’ll be needing as stocking fillers this Christmas. Yeah, I mentioned the C word.

What do you mean, you don’t have Issue 02 yet?! I can barely even look at you. There are loads of really ace articles in it, including a recipe for grilled corn which involves caviar, and popcorn with a Hawaiian twist. We also have a VERY cool article on grilling and smoking eels with one of my favourite cooks, Lap-Fai Lee and there’s the low down on the peka, which is Croatian for BBQ, in case you didn’t know. How could you not know? LOLZ.

And in case you’re thinking, ‘WTF, H, it’s winter love, wind yer neck in’ then let me reassure you that there’s lots to enjoy here that doesn’t involve you going outside and freezing your butts off (doesn’t stop us but we hear you). Pit is full of nourishing articles and stories that are a great read, whatever the weather. Plus, it looks amazing. Just sayin’ so ourselves.

So yeah, check out the new site! We have a couple of the articles from Ish 1 up there (one serious, one silly) so you can get a little flavour of the mag. Over and out.

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