Here you will find some examples of my work. If you would like to contact me then please use A media pack is available on request.

Pit magazine

I am co-founder and editor of Pit, an independent magazine about cooking and smoking food over live fire. We celebrate the whole world of barbecue (not just American style) covering stories of interest, techniques, technical geeky stuff, ingredients and recipes. We do not review restaurants although we may profile them. If you have a pitch for Pit, want to advertise, or get in touch about anything barbecue-related, please see our website or contact

Articles in Print

I have written for publications including The Guardian; Sainsbury’s Magazine; Baku Magazine; The Peckham Peculiar; The Dulwich Diverter; Good Things Magazine and others. I write on a wide range of food, drink and travel topics. This is a small selection of articles.

The Guardian
Helen Graves food writer
Helen Graves food writer

Articles Online


I wrote a book which is a collection of the finest sandwich recipes from around the world. It is called 101 Sandwiches and is available from Amazon.

101 Sandwiches


I do occasionally work with carefully selected brands, on this blog and elsewhere. A media pack is available on request. Contact me on